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This whole covid thing is a tragic comedy of errors, mistruths, half truths and outright lies.
To try to help put it straight here is a site with links to the best we can find.

First things first, though - there appears to be a simple cheap treatment much tested and certified to by numerous studies and many doctors that is being withheld and denied the public.  Read about it, first, and the FLCCC

The Number One Main Treatment For Covid:  Prophylaxis and Treatment

Was once news :   news   But pretty old now.  Oct 2021

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The Damage the Interventions are Doing  (Sunetra Gupta's site) :    Collateral Global

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 Papers/Articles/Studies Showing Wrongness/
Failure of Most (all?) Interventions:  Intervention Facts links.

Charts:  Charts showing what use/uselessness various interventions have been:  charts
Information on treatments:        Treatments

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