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collateral global   lockdown sceptics
The Mises Institute 

sky news:  the bolt report, alan jones,  peta credlin, mike graham

tucker carlson  

On Covid mentality become a cult: peter hitchens; 
On UK lockdown extension by govt. SimonWebb;
Showing death rates in UK  ivor cummins;
On herd immunity NY and Sweden:  tony heller;
On inappropriate lockdown mentality:  Dr John Ioannidis
On stupidity of masks:  James Delingpole
On death statistics:; 
On the suffering brought by interventions:  Alex Fridman;
Meeting with Barrington Declaration Scientists:  Freddie Sayer of Unherd Lockdown tv
The Declaration Itself:  Great Barrington Declaration  about wrongness of interventions.
On the 'barbarity'  of the interventions:  Tom Woods

credible source for data - the government 'centre for disease control'.
national centre for health stats: death statistics
                                                           covid deaths and data

john hopkins university.  good charts.  all usa and individual states.
                                         charts for all states showing matching curves, every one,  regardless of interventions.

feb 21
world data
deaths north america 2019 3.2 million

world data page offering complete datasets
get their figures for e.g. cumulative confirmed deaths from John Hopkins
and they don't mind biasing - e.g. they say covid deaths likely to be higher because of 'limited testing and challenges in attribution' !  In a context with numerous large instances of over attribution!

source for general data on portland usa