Some Information on the generally ignored ill effects of the interventions:

  Deterioration of Mental Health of the Aged

  Alzheimer's Society Open Letter

   Behavioural and Psychological Effects

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These examples/links are taken from collateralglobal's pages.
We simply try to make a more condensed and more easily clickable presentation to give people some idea
of the wealth of incidence there is.

But to really appreciate the enormity of it all you should visit collateralglobal where the data is growing every day.

BBC 50,000 extra heart deaths

NYTimes Spain Undetected Cancer

Belfast Domestic Abuse

NY Times.  Teenagers mental health.

BBC Babies Harmed and Killed

NPR  Polio Campaign crippled.

Independent.  Lost generation.

Unicef:  Stillbirths

WSJ  Death extend beyond covid victims.

News MN.  Domestic violence

Forbes:  Pandemic Anxiety

NY Times.  Farmer Suicides.

10,000 child deaths per month.

Economist.  Long term effects on children

Belfast Live.  Domestic violence tip of iceberg.

Oxfam  122 million brink of starvation

Oxfam 12,000 per day could die from hunger.

The Conversation  South Africa mass hunger.

Guardian.  Cancer patients miss out

UNAIDS  Hundreds of thousands extra HIV deaths.

telegraph. Unicef warns 1.2million child deaths.

and many, many more.....