There's over 400 links here. Since May. That's an indication of just how much information has been put out and has
been ignored by MSM and Governments, Medical establishment, everyone.

As you can see right up here at the top in the quadrant article not all are about covid. I'll leave the few that
are not, they'll do no harm. They wouldn't amount to a dozen in the whole thing I think.

There are some duplicates, too, for one reason or another. I'll leave them there. By my count there's no more
than about 25 of those. Still leave more than 400 links about covid and vaccines.

By far, the greatest threat to the wonderful prosperity of Australia is not climate change, terrorism, COVID
or any of the other fears stoked by careerists and an unquestioning media. It is simply the ongoing
cumulative effect of an ever-increasing bureaucratic morass of restraints and demands confronting every
productive activity and personal freedom itself.

Taki article exposing some kinda terrifying facts about the FBI

can sanity return to an insane world.
begins very dramatically with what looks like a quote from some real old timer concerning the masses
desire for self deception

history debunked on the curent literal insanity in UK
says april lowest deaths on record.

dr sam bailey on epidemics

dr sam interview with klaus Kohnlein regarding hiv and anti virals
explains the lethality of some 'therapies'. Really a somewhat horrifying thing.
covid is a 'self limiting' disease he says.

dr sam
how to create an epidemic

Ivermectin in Mexico a may 22 video.

dr sam on germ theory and terrain theory

dr john lee's very calm sensible overview of the whole thing from early may.

brian lenkes md dissecting the viral issue philosophically and scientifically, finding that the one virus
cause one medicine cure thing is inappropriate.

cause of death stats are very suspect even way before covid

best quora thread I've ever seen:

zimbabwe ivermectin fixed things

ireland pollies perhaps begin to wake up... not that it matters much, they're insane over there

ivor cummins on the deliberate creation of mass fear
woman who wrote the book: 'state of fear' laura dodson I think

tucker carlson. hilarious. 'covid did it'

ivor cummings shows tedx talk about the terrible
psychological effect of interventions

sunetra gupta explains herd immunity and mentions interesting facts
about constant presence of other corona viruses etc..
text on this page and a video Text and video differ. Both interesting.
video downloadable: Hover over 'G' at top left of video and get list of download options.

the success of ivermectin in mexico peru and india
dr john campbell. some 'quasi experimental analysis'

history debunked finally realises all is lost

ravanas palace sri lanka amazing.. more perplexing than the pyramids?

Jeremy R Hammon on vaccines

vaccines get contaminated. here's 20 million doses

no free lunch collateral global

Jeremy Hammond saying good things Publishing good stuff

one year ago david starkey labelling UK covid response as mad

one year ago peter hitchens condemning covid response

peter hitchens death of freedom

polio returns to PNG via vaccine

jeremy hammond with a sometimes tedious vid which shows some of the
crap of the interventions though

skynews and the submarine fiasco con job

35 point paper by AIER about lockdown futility

dr been ivermectin study
the preprint of the above study
and the israeli doctor who did it

australian hysteria - facemasks in sydney.. illogical, incoherent

FLCCC weekly update 16/6/21
Very informative and interesting in itself, of course - majorly important regarding 'longcovid', but also
especially valuable to read the comments section below it.

dr been says spike protein not cytotoxic
Spike Protein Cytotoxicity?

spike protein is dangerous the full thing is on that other platform: odysee

the full video mentioned above. it is on odysee.,-in-three-easy:0?r=FuWwFotRbicqY9GHyWBqDdTNNHpaTgC9


dr been spike protein in ovaries

dr been comparing after vaccine and after natural I think. haven't read it/watched. got the transcript is all
Breakthrough After Vaccines and After The Natural Infection

ATalyst | Ivermectin: Indian Bar Association Serve Legal Notice on WHO's Chief Scientist

ivor cummins shows harmlessness of indian (or 'delta') variant
Delta or Indian Variant - Real World Impact? We Now have the DATA!

catholic paper condemns the cost of lockdowns

comment on the state of play in the USA re covid and lockdowns

total insanity of leaders
G7 - Our Rulers Unleashed - Fascinating Analysis of Hypocrisy...

april 2020 or something, originally? ivor cummins
Why Viral Impacts Occur, and Root Cause Solution - Ron Rosedale MD

AIER on climate models explaining their fundamental errors
I like the bit: 'Fire, ready, aim'.

alan jones telling it like it is.

Judith Curry blog 'Climate Etc' writes interesting thing about a fake consensus
and who/what was behind it all: Fauci

Dr John Robson on the rubbish climate thing
What If It's Not?

summary APS 2014 meeting

about Koonin's book 'unsettled'

about arctic sea ice and koonins book

judith currys 'climate etc' overview of climate books.

review of Taleb's 'The Black Swan'

ivermectin meta analysis finds it reduces deaths by 62% reduces transmission by 80%

history debunked
How easily we become used to mad restrictions on our freedom

more on ivermectin. authoritative
What known is ridiculous!

vaccine adds no benefit to those who were previously infected

skynews thing about bats really were kept in wuhan lab though denied at the time
Sharri Markson has 'uncovered the greatest scientific scandal of all time': Canavan


john ioannidis
EXCELLENT Presentation by Professor John Ioannidis - Covid Reality Revealed!

Ivermectin: Pros vs Cons. Dr. Luis Garegnani and Dr. Pierre Kory Debate The Issue

look back on covid and see truth of what happened
ivor cummins
Is this the Most Important Viral Reality Video You Will Ever See?

ivor cummins
Ep123 Professor Gordon Lauc - Official Pandemic Advisor to Croatian Government - Revelations!

covid risk factor for under 50 is obesity

obstacles to vaccination because of covid measures drove down vaccination rates

from collateralglobal's email about the above report:
IMPORTANT - CG Releases Second Piece of Original Research

Pre-pandemic, childhood vaccinations prevented two to three million annual deaths from infectious diseases.
Due to vaccine delivery interruptions related to COVID-19 restrictions, 2020 saw the first global childhood
vaccination reduction in 28 years.

Over 80 million children in 68 countries were affected, according to UNICEF.

In collaboration with Collateral Global, study authors Carl Heneghan, Tom Jefferson, and Jon Brassey of
the University of Oxford reviewed 35 completed studies spanning 22 countries to determine the
global scope and scale of missed childhood vaccinations and found:

40 million children in Pakistan missed their polio vaccinations
61% of 10 to 23-month-olds missed their measles vaccines in Ethiopia
a 20% MMR uptake reduction year-over-year in England

Now I myself am not convinced these vaccinations are doing what they claim they do. But THEY are. That's
why THEY are insisting we all be vaccinated (again and again) against Covid. Because they TOTALLY believe
in the efficacy of them.

In which case they should be TOTALLY convinced they're condemning some millions and millions of children to
polio, paralysis, killer disease, death.

By insisting we run away in this extreme nation killing fashion from a severe flu.

alex berenson quotes paper in april in Lancet diabetes and endocrinology which finds
obesity is just about the only risk factor for under 60's.

ivor cummins
on the end of the winter resurgence
doing an excellent job on spelling out simple pandemic or epidemic truths
exposing the madness of it all.

ivor cummings
mortality realities with professor michael levitt

anne coulter on police qualified immunity

lockdowns did not help at all - but hindered economically

how pcr works

this video alone should be enough
ivor cummings displays graphically, vividly and explains fully the 'debacle'
A Short Crucial Update on the Delta Variant and Much More -

ivor cummins again showing that face masks can give children up to
10 x the max recommended level of CO2.

professor gordon lauc Croation advisor to their President on the madness of it all

reiner fuellmich about corona conspiracy or something.. a lawyer

julian assange witness admit false statements

julia hartley brewer interviews doctor warning against vaccinations

adverse reactions to vaccine in usa

kids should not take covid vaccine

article in american thinker 3/7/21 saying usa at herd immunity
vaccine not wholly safe

substack thing about the whole scene: we should not trust; verify.

ivor cummings saying this is ultimate madness
This best one to show people maybe.
The Ultimate FREE AND UNCENSORABLE Discussion on Every Aspect of our Viral Challenge!

ivor cummings credentials. bachelor of engineering is it, paperwise.

what's with the magnets

israel study pfizer not so effective with delta
mainly points to ineffectiveness of statistics and ignores the
question of mortality entirely

antarctic lake drains and they intimate this is terrible and because of global warming..
could be natural recurring phenomenon of no importance I guess

tony heller on non-correlation of hurricanes with global temp
despite publicity

dr sam bailey interviewing a nz quarantine sufferer
True Story: 22 Days Inside a New Zealand Quarantine Facility

rudi giuliani
WHAT?! Fauci Partnered With Moderna On Vaccine | Dr. Maria Ryan | Ep. 144

there's questions about the vaccine, for sure.
Dr. Robert Malone, Inventor of mRNA technology discusses the Spike Protein.

another doctor treating with ivermectin successfully
Dr. Darrell DeMello Discusses COVID Outpatient Management

sowell on the benefits of colonialism

history debunked on percentage of uk population
wishing for permanent severe restrictions

history debunked excellent thing about frequency of
respiratory diseases. Excellent Stats Quoted
comments section informative too

dr been study shows vaccine causes clotting and this is how
A study printed on 7th July 2021 describes the groundbreaking discovery of
the cause of clotting by vaccines. In summary, as we have been discussing
in the past. Clotting is caused by the antibodies produced against
platelet factor 4. Just as in heparin induced thrombocytopenia (HIT).

trialsite news the WHO active against ivermectin perhaps using need for addressing
(because of covid) neglected diseases as an excuse and uttering incredible statement
maybe must get permission from manufacturers to use for other purposes !!!

trialsite ivermectin study and new drug for covid

all cause excess death discussion
they're counting all excesses as covid.

What the COVID Death Count Really Means with Dr. Andrew Schroeder, Associate Professor of Philosophy
discussing the article below.

article by same man on same subject. he refers to it in above video
excellent. he points to deaths due to interventions should be in the count and so
on.. all the range of issues.

How Goats are Regenerating a Forest and Protecting this Town from Bushfire

dr been . covid child mortality

bbc report on fatalities
excellent. '20 and '21
shows how few this year as against last year

saying asymptomatic means your immune system has handled it.
Let's get REAL: What does ASYMPTOMATIC COVID-19 really mean?

article on the zero covid zero progress nations.

New Scientist Alarmist Article again. Says 4.x million people have died from 180+ million cases.
That means a death rate somewhere round 2% which is not tre according to Prof Ioannidis etc.
And pushing alarming reports of new cases while their own graph shows no increase in deaths in major areas over
 last 100days.
Shows 200+ 'symptoms' of long covid! i.e. anything and everything can be called a symptom of long covid!!
Madness. From 'New Scientist'! I used to think it was a scientific publication.

dr been and guest discussing long covid management and ivermectin is important and
he mention 'mold toxicity' - people are getting sick from too long indoors in moldy houses!
Dr. Syed Haider Discusses COVID Management (July 2021)

showing collecting in bone marrow and ovaries
hypothesizing reactivation of latent viruses
Pfizer Data Show: Where do the lipid nanoparticles collect, Robert Malone Steve Kirsch Bret Weinst..

more people have died from the vaccine than from covid this year
chris kenny on sky news

last year BMJ about covid pani

17 july 21
from spectator australia tv
WHY LOCKDOWNS DESTROY LIVES | CounterCulture Episode 15

a total alarmist insane 'guide' to handling anxiety that actually promotes it.

Dr. David Martin: Not novel, No pandemic, No variants...Campaign of Coercion & Terror! Patented before!

Nobel Laureate claims 'vaccinated people will die in 2 years': Fact check | Oneindia News

14 june 21
dr sam on vaccines and virus obsession
Covid-19 Shots, Cancer and HIV

booster side effect
COVID Vaccine Boosters and "Severe" Side Effects, Warns CDC Official

tony heller on climate change again. showing some
interesting facts

south africa the terrible mess

England's COVID unlocking is a threat to world, say experts

The WHO Warns About This Dangerous Vaccine Trend

ivor cummins. from back in january
Important: High Level View of Viral Epidemic Mortality - and Key Patterns

very important assessment of virus/vaccines/etc
often don't get this article when searching with google - you just get
'american thinker' but use their search facility or follow their suggestions on what to do
and the article can be found.
It's essentially about caution regarding the vaccine because of VAERS data about adverse reactions
and such. (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System)
July 3, 2021
COVID-19 Pandemic And Vaccine Update
By Thomas T. Siler, M.D.
The VAERS site:

ultimate variants update in 3minutes. ivor cummings

masks, children, study, too high CO2 from ivor cummings from JAMA
FINALLY a Clinical Trial on Facemasks in Children - Parents Take Note!

EXCELLENT Presentation by Professor John Ioannidis - Covid Reality Revealed!

Dr. Suneel Dhand - MedStoic Lifestyle Medicine
a bit weak I thought. he says because of variants, because was never so good
and because people are all different.
LET'S TALK: Why VACCINATED people are still getting COVID-19

World Ivermectin Day on July 24 - Doctors, share your Testimonials a message from Dr. Tess Lawrie

SHOW ME THE SCIENCE: Bill Maher on Covid

If You Got Pfizer/Moderna Vaccine, FDA Says Expect These Delayed Side Effects

Sunetra Gupta from one year ago
talks of nation differences in age and numbers in care homes
and possible prior exposure to corona viruses
says '... you can't keep this virus out just by imposing non pharmaceutical
Why most of us won't need Covid vaccine: Oxford prof explains | On The Record
Jul 2, 2020

Spike Proteins In Immune Cells - Dr. Bruce Patterson Discusses COVID Long Haul

Covid was just a trial run for a disease far worse' – Oxford ethics professor | SpectatorTV

natural immunity

ioannidis study of global ifr march 21
Reconciling estimates of global spread and infection fatality rates of COVID-19:
An overview of systematic evaluations

In this podcast we discuss studies and trials on IVM with Dr Tess Lawrie. Dr Tess
provides solid data on what has been achieved in another countries and gives
some hints on what is happening in the UK. It worth to say that there is so
many obstacles in the UK that we as a community need to know about.
What known is ridiculous!

corona virus may predate modern humans

virus in the brain, in the troposphere, in alzheimers

corona virus interventions cost on shipping

dr been on lifelong protection after covid
haven't watched it yet. nor seen the transcript, it wouldn't open for me.
but he says this under the video:
A peer-reviewed and accepted study shows that we develop long-lived bone marrow
resident plasma blasts in quiescent state to provide a potentially lifelong cover
against SARS-COV-2. Let’s discuss this fascinating work.

Credlin on Sky News
Australia’s lockdowns a ‘laughing stock’ around the world

Conversations on Corona from an English Pub! * The Question Everything Summit *

the conversation mentioned in the pub thing above.
reveals, spells out, nearly everything about the covid thing

Quadrant very good article and comments

jeremy hammond's site

dr been talks with dr Kory and Kory answers many questions re ivermectin & covid

alan jones and a woman giving facts about intervention costs
pretty good

Anne Coulter on the Vaccine madness and bullies in USA

dr mobeen discusses latest data on variant d

AIER about anxiety being cause of increased mortality

dr been discusses life long immunity developed naturally
from natural recovery from covid

ivor cummings on NAD, anti-ageing etc.

julian racheal interviewing major cooper and talking about
canada and interventions/covid laws, etc.

ivor cummins conversation the media buried

french protests against covid rubbish

climate nonsense

covid govts overstep authority

best article getting it all in one package.

z man from takimag on the covid narrative

AIER NBER paper showing SIP policies didn't work

history debunked covid stats in the UK
1 in 4 covid hospital admissions were not in for covid at all
Some interesting figures from the British National Health Service about Covid-19
bbc article linked to in above youtube vid

mass psychosis video rubbish really. But seeds of truth.
MASS PSYCHOSIS - How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL

dr malone on spike protein
(inventor of mRNA technique)

delta variant details
very different. more transmissable, more lethal
Delta Variant is Different - It's the NEW COVID

dr malone on censorship with dr erin stair
Dr. Robert Malone Talks Censorship | Interview

dr sam bailey on thalidomide
Safe and Effective, Then and Now

drastic graphic representation of the whole insane situation
Tim Pool 'can't believe' people are falling for these narratives

denbunking history
talking about uk hospital covid admission figures are flawed in many ways.
Some interesting figures from the British National Health Service about Covid-19

radio thing with ivor cummings
audio, some pics. Very complete summary of the situation.

Dr Christy. Calm sensible.
Vitamins to Prevent COVID???

new ivermectin study
dr been
New Ivermectin Study By Prof. Eli Schwartz (Awesome Results) - Israeli Study

Dr Kory on Joe Rogan. Vit usually no good.
But C IV in stress is good.
Vitamin C: The Next Banned Topic?

vernon coleman from white rose
19 truths about covid

history debunked
The climate change conundrum

early home treatment - hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin etc. - could
have save 50% of deaths.
It must be part of a master plan’: COVID drugs banned despite efficacy

gates foundation provided rationale for killing oldies in homes

Tom Woods Iceland and UK people saying must let the virus run, can't stop the variants.

personal testimony covid saved his life

dr john robson CDN channel youtube
The Reef Isn't Dead Yet

Dr Chris Martensen (?)
on prophylaxis and treatment of covid with ivermection

delta variant true story peak prosperity youtube channel.
paints a grim picture. contrast dr been. down below.
Delta, vaccines and herd immunity - what’s the true story?

vaccine benefits outweigh risks?
he comes down strongly 'yes'
dr mike hansen
Do the Benefits of COVID Vaccine Outweigh the Risks?

how bad is delta variant dr been
How Bad Is Delta Plus Variant?
seems to think less harmful.
32,300 views Streamed live on Aug 10, 2021

tucker carlson on democrat race hate

mises institute on current covid narrative in USA

what you need to know on pfizer jab
dr chris on pfizer report showing shortcomings and incidentally mentioning the viral load
of delta I suppose being the same in vaccinated and unvaccinated.
and mentioning Absolute risk 99.866 moving to 99.996

confidence intervals. quote from einstein "As far as the laws of
mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they
are certain, they do not refer to reality." ~ Albert Einstein

excellent piece referred to in the dr chris comments. Talking about flaws in vaccine study

 clarification (with much demurring in the comments of the above piece)

further info on rrr etc. of vaccine studies

John Bream All About #Ivermectin shows it is good.

chris martensen on masks and density, duration, dimensions, draft
The 4 Easy Steps To Avoid COVID

chris martensen vaccine safety

real cost of war on drugs. man wrote a book Ioann Grillo
2 million homicides in latin america last few years

cod liver oil Dr Erik Berg 2021
Can Cod Liver Oil Prevent COVID-19?

ivor cummings face mask thing and 99.866% etc.

chris martensen Pfizer study

chris martenson the pandemic is over

chris martenson
may 19 on recording of deaths and vaccine safety and data honesty. v. good
Informed Consent: The Vaccine Safety Data You Need

dr been finds fatal flaw in cdc study: not comparing like with like
CDC Kentucky Study - Reduced Risk Of Reinfection with Vaccines Compared To Natural Infection

dr suneel dhand on the israel vaccinated infections
he says is unstable virus therefore vaccine difficult and zero covid not realistic
in fact harmful from 'knock on' effects.
Ireland, Israel report 50% hospitalized with COVID are VACCINATED. Govts want BOOSTER shots?

dr hodkinson saying it's all lies

Reiner Fuellmich interviewed by Mike Adams: Covid crimes against humanity and the coming war crimes
tribunals mentions swine flu turned out to be a mild flu and 1000 scandinavian kids got narcolepsy
from the vaccine talking about a sort of 'war crimes' thing against the govts today.
remdesivir, ventilators used to kill people apparently.

covid vaccines failing
Dr. Peter McCullough: COVID Vaccine Has Likely Killed 45,000 and Injured Half a Million

The truth about masks chris martensen
The 4 Easy Steps To Avoid COVID

dr been interviews
Prof. Dr. Joseph Varon Discusses COVID-19
explains how they thought of melatonin

Tess Lawrie says she's never seen such a body of evidence ignored
Negative ivermectin studies (Tess Lawrie & Bret Weinstein) | Only on Odysee

april 10 2021

Discusses and spells out the situation and describes treatment
Dr. McCullough with Kristina Borgesson on the Whistleblower
The Suppression of Early Treatment is Illegal, Unethical, and Immoral

adrian on trialsite news
90% of hospitalised were already vaccinated. effectiveness of vaccine fading.
media ignoring it
News Roundup | Study Shows Infected Covid-19 Patients Have Effective and Possibly
Long-Term Immunity

Delta, vaccines and herd immunity - what’s the true story? aug 11.
flccc 'frightened' take math+ early as poss.

vaccine deaths overtake covid deaths
Warning for teenagers as vaccine deaths overtake Covid
Suzie Halewood
August 20, 2021

covid medical network. Aussie doctors

old one of ivor advocating heavy lockdown

Major MED Journal: Slams “RUSHED” FDA approval of COVID vaccine…
Aug 25, 2021
dr suneel dhand on the shameful precipitous vaccine approval

article mentioned in the above suneel dhand thing.

tony heller on vaccine etc. current bull.

serious article pointing to, amongst other things, danger of non-sterilizing vaccines
and including this statement:
immunization against a weakened/dead measles virus produces immune memory to
multiple unrelated molecular targets (Fig. 1A)5,6. The same is not true for
other RNA viruses
and this:
Crucially, a natural infection represents an immune response to an entire genetic
viral swarm, in contrast to an immunization responding to a single spike protein
taken from a single 2020 viral sequence

fda says don't use antibody tests to evaluate immunity or protection

 AIER on 'Absolute Power' is no covid safety net.

Spectator article by weisser spelling it out very clearly

catch covid via eyeball

covid via eyes

Mises on totalitarianism etc re covid and the future

Police speak out in Aus.

you can get viral infection via the eyes

 Excellent well researched, well referenced all embracing on covid madness

Peter Fam. Human Rights Lawyer
The Curious Case of the Unlawful Public Health Orders

frontline doctors
stella immanuel on rumble
dr kory FLCCC Alliance
the covid medical networ: aussie

dr malone and dr navarro
you cannot vaccinate out of a pandemic

AIER cost of interventions globally $11 trillion so far.
referred to in the above referred to in top link referred from top link
interesting about death category counting/attributions school closure damage from top link reviewing mask mandates from top link
henderson's 'disease mitigation measures' full text quoted by this aier page
israel infections even after booster shots
ioannidis july 2020 ifr study
study july 2021 showing 'shielded' individuals at higher risk of death referred by top link
mask studies influenza may 2020 no benefit
ludvigsen sweden study childen and masking masks pointless
danish study re masks
excellent article covering dangers of masks

alex berenson says this could demonstrate vaccines literally cause cases

toronto police constable fights back

munchausen by proxy

ICU nurse tells how horrible it is

bells palsy after astra zeneca

this uk doc talking about lack of protection for docs/nurses oct 2020
The Pregnant Doc Telling the Truth About COVID-19 | Informer

the MEDCRAM site. seems to be very good.
Jan 3 2021
Professor Roger Seheult, MD gives practical strategies if you test positive for
COVID-19 (or are in contact with someone who tests positive)
If You Get COVID 19: Optimize Immune System (Vitamin D, Monoclonal Antibodies, NAC, Quercetin etc.)
monoclonal banlaninvimab and regenerol (?)

All about monoclonals. 70% reduction in mortality etc. in tests
but this was a reduction in very few anyway.
this one best for delta. this for outpatients.
What is Regeneron COVID-19 Monoclonal Antibody Treatment?

Irish GP speaking out about what the vaccines are doing.
Dr Anne McCloskey.

Look at this: any doubt about this being 1984?
Dr Anne McCloskey: GP suspended over Covid-19 vaccine comments

april 5 2021

shows fatigue, headache, myalgia (muscle pain) 30%,25%,20%
Reactogenicity Following Receipt of mRNA-Based COVID-19 Vaccines

anaphylacsis after millions of doses

selected adverse event report - i.e. not all adverse effects but major ones I suppose
claims very small incidence indeed. like 10 in a million, that sort of thing.

mentions nothing about benefit. just plays down danger and urges take it
doesn't mention they are not fully tested
Safety of COVID-19 Vaccines
Updated Aug. 23, 2021

tom woods with pie chart showing true scale of covid threat
and mentioning ioannidis study.

ioannidis study on elderly in communities mortality rate referenced by tom woods

aier on hurting kids

vaccine effectiveness wanes

From Editorials
Lockdown Harms and the Silence of Economists

Double vaccination halves risk of long COVID, study finds BUT see next link

details of mammoth Israeli stuides showing natural immunity much, much better.
Kim Iversen: BOMBSHELL Report Suggests Natural Immunity Triggers Better Response Against COVID

dr been.
it's the s1 part of spike causes the problem in mice.
this s1 part goes floating around after vaccination
Researchers Show How SARS-COV-2 Spike Protein Causes Acute Lung Injury in Mice

Did SWEDEN have the right COVID-19 STRATEGY all along?
Looks like yes.

from twitter ann coulter
best article of them all covering wide range she says

a truth outlet?

Neil Oliver: ‘The West is firmly in the grip, not of a virus, but of delusional madness’

Those Who Recovered From COVID-19 From Monoclonal Antibodies Join DeSantis To Promote Treatment

trialsite news
News Roundup | Prominent Indian Physician Talks Impact Of Ivermectin In Home Medicine Kits in India

dr wins case to avoid vaccine after natural immunity
Natural Immunity' Lawsuit Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Ends in Surprising Result

Underlying Medical Conditions and Severe Illness Among 540,667 Adults Hospitalized
With COVID-19, March 2020–March 2021
ORIGINAL RESEARCH — Volume 18 — July 1, 2021

very succinct and wide reaching look at it all.
The Scientific Truth about Meat in Health and Climate - Share Time!

huckabee on who the anti-vaxxers really are
SHOCKING Poll Reveals Who the Real Vaccine SKEPTICS Are | FOTM | Huckabee

Covid Medical Network doctors group under TGA review after endorsing hydroxychloroquine

The Covid-19 Vaccines have killed more people in 8 months than Covid-19 has killed in 18 months
Excellent piece complete with a few charts and data.

 Dr Geoff Mitchell: “The Covid-19 Vaccines are Neither Safe nor Effective”

comorbidities. very good report
500,000 covid patients, 94% with at least one morbidity. downloadable
in pdf
Among 4,899,447 hospitalized adults in PHD-SR, 540,667 (11.0%) were
patients with COVID-19, of whom 94.9% had at least 1 underlying medical

netherlands data and charts

Is it possible to avoid heart damage from the COVID vaccine? Or do all COVID-vaccinated
people have some myocarditis? Heart Damage From Covid Vaccination. Pretty terrible.

Vaccine Failure and the Way Out

flu is gone

some interesting stuff about what's going on in california hospitals

Sacramento CA county supervisor - Medical dictatorship - Sept. 3 2021

this seems unbelievable...
Covid-19 hospitalisation-fatality rate among Fully Vaccinated under
50’s is 175% higher than rate among unvaccinated under 50’s according
to PHE data

jeremy hammonds clear description of total insanity in the usa.
boils down to everyone must get a vaccine regardless of anything at all.

emeritus professor of pathology
The Pandemic’s 80% Non-Solution

Dr Altman's plea for sense re ivermectin
‘A Total Lack of Therapeutic Perspective’

The letter I got when I asked my local medical practice (in Aus) for Ivermectin:

 I am writing this letter as Arthur is willing to take Ivermectin as a prophylaxis for COVID
 as he has seen news from USA that there was study for it and doctor in US has been using it
as a prophylaxis. I have explained to Arthur that Ivermectin has not been approved to use
as a prophylaxis in Australia. I have to follow Australian guideline. The indication of
Ivermectin for me to prescribe as per guideline is :-Strongyloidiasis or Crusted (Norwegian)
scabies Clinical criteria:
* The condition must be established by clinical and/or parasitological examination, AND
* Patient must be undergoing topical therapy for this condition; OR
* Patient must have a contraindication to topical treatment.
Population criteria:
* Patient must weigh 15 kg or over, AND
* Patient must be 5 years of age or older.

- Human sarcoptic scabies
Clinical criteria:
* The condition must be established by clinical and/or parasitological examination, AND
* Patient must have completed and failed sequential treatment with topical permethrin and benzyl
benzoate and finished the most recent course of topical therapy at least 4 weeks prior to initiating
oral therapy; OR
* Patient must have a contraindication to topical treatment.
Population criteria:
* Patient must weigh 15 kg or over, AND
* Patient must be 5 years of age or older.

In short: Austraian government willing to condemn me to death and/or possible agonising
hospitalisation rather than let me take a harmless drug.

BBC etc. publishing false figures.

Rueschel's excellent rundown on the whole thing esp. basic epidemiologic facts.

1904 supreme court ruling must be vaccinated

Dr. Suneel Dhand - MedStoic Lifestyle Medicine 206K subscribers
I’m willing to take my NATURAL COVID IMMUNITY case to the US Supreme Court

11 sept 2021
Fauci lied, millions died – FOI request reveals Fauci did fund gain of function research
at the Wuhan lab

Australia has Fallen: “We have been disciplined into authoritarianism. This may take decades
to undo.” – Dr Bella d’Abrera

Kids to be given the Covid-19 Vaccine without parental consent despite a mountain of evidence
 they are killing children

the madness of those who think they know best.

++++++++++++++++++++++++ good one for aussies
Luke Massey in the Spectator gets all the relevant figures.

tom woods interview. good on masks etc. Excellent congressman.
Ep. 1969 Congressman Thomas Massie: Resist the Biden Mandates

chris martensen on ivermectin toxicity
Ivermectin Toxicity Reviewed
The conclusion is that “ivermectin human toxicity cannot be claimed  to be a serious cause
for concern.”

dr sam about 'germ theory' again.
Koch's Postulates: Germ School Dropout

Viruses -- lots of them -- are falling from the sky
An astonishing number of viruses are circulating around the Earth's atmosphere -- and falling from it
study mentioned in the above article

former pfizer exec revealing we are being lied to
same thing again:
Former Pfizer VP: Why are we being lied to about COVID? There’s no good reason

bastards at work. $1000 fines mothers in park with prams fined.

Five MORE lowlights from Australia's Covid fight

Five lowlights from Australia’s Covid fight

israelis find three drugs with promise. they target envelope not the spike
darapladib (?) flumatinib (?) and 'an hiv medicine'

times of israel with more on the above.

washingtonpost on the pingdemic. some horrifying looks at what's happening in uk

 real rabble rousing piece of exaggeration but nevertheless some horribly true facts in it

Why Vaccination isn't an Ethical Duty: Bioethics Expert, Dr. Travis Rieder Discusses | Interview

Ivor Cummings
Is this the Most Important Viral Reality Video You Will Ever See?

zman in takimag on the unreality govts live in

Young woman devastated after her little sister dies due to a single dose of the Covid-19 Vaccine
By Daily Expose on September 14, 2021

tom woods on usa vaccine children thing and fauci: Kamala Harris: 'we must protect the vaccinated' !!??

ivor cummings 14/9/21
spells it all out graphically. his 'flow chart'
Viral Reality Check - What's going on, but with real logic and science

the spectator 15 sept 2021 morrison rushes through excessive surveillance measures.

expose. good solid data

expose shows the australian shameful truth

exposure of americas inept testing reaction to covid

expose on uk vaccinate children scandal

 about the swineflu vaccine and narcolepsy etc.

how the vaccines are likely to make things much worse (except how bad it is really?)
japanes study and more

13 reasons why you should not allow your child to get the Covid-19 Vaccine

spectator flat white article about the state of aus vis-a-vis covid. good one alexandra marshall

 an australian federal member speaks up. !!

Putin tells of his childhood.

 booster shot thing far from clear cut

claims of 81% effective at stopping spread but no study details so don't know what they mean really

another article claiming immense benefits for vaccines. such as 94% effective stopping symptomatic
covid - but no mention of what the rate is naturally, i.e. how much more beneficial if
any it is than our natural state.

trialsite news on the Indian success with Ivermectin in Uttar Pradesh
and covers NIH statement 'insufficient evidence to advise against ivermectin' indian report mention in the above trialsite video as mentioned in above trialsite video senior editor BMJ calls for a halt to these approvals

dr john campbell. Ivermectin in Australia.
said this:
" the reasons that ivamectin is not being prescribed in australia is firstly it will
stop people getting the vaccine secondly social media posts get the dose wrong
therefore doctors can't prescribe it thirdly they're running out of stock
i mean this is really that is pathetic australian government...."

dr martensen on ivermectin weighs in very strong on moral obligation to prescribe
Horse Dewormer or Nobel Prize Winning Medicine?

Echoing the Voice Dr Fauci Admits That Knut Wittkowski Was Right The Vaccine is USELESS

Ryan Grim: NEW Recordings BLOW UP Julian Assange Case

Public health not the main priority
fauci says the right things in 2019 but not now.

wittkowski on mechanism of lockdowns promoting mutation etc..

ex pfizer exec on invalidity of measures
Former Chief Scientific Officer and Vice President of Pfizer discusses
the pandemic response by the government, lockdowns, PCR testing, and

the USA cominarty vaccine approval from the fda or whatever

A Sad and Shameful Day for Australian Medicine. Quadrant article about the death of medicine in Aus.

Nurse claims fully vaccinated Covid-19 patients are being treated with
Ivermectin whilst the unvaccinated are being put on ventilators
By Daily Expose on September 19, 2021 •

Professor Sunetra Gupta: “Herd immunity probably takes the prize for being the most misunderstood term of 2020.”

dr sam. abut 'virus mania' and inviting us to go to and help with future.
How I Woke Up...Sep 18, 2021

sam's special channel with videos of info. article

Jimmy Dore show interviewing Dr Malone. (Dr, I think?)
telling some untold truths about the vaccine
EXPLOSIVE Truth About Vaccines & COVID w/Inventor Of mRNA Vaccine Technology, Robert Malone

tom woods on mask mandates etc.

theexpose on vaccine historical myth.
part 2 of the above

dan andrews insane victoria. masks on primary school children!!

rapid virus recovery free ebook thomas e levy

interview with sukharit bhakti interesting facts and figures and explanation of vaccine mechanism

another sukharit bhakti (one of germany's most cited research scientist. a microbiologist) article
very good stuff about omnipresence of corona viruses

Dr Vernon Coleman “When I heard that NHS staff in the UK were
threatening to go on strike, my first thought was to wonder how many
lives that would save”

doctors 4 covid ethics

tom woods on the new surgeon general of florida - a man talking sense and going to implement it.

Over 3,000 children in the UK could suffer life-shortening condition
caused by the Covid-19 Vaccine after new Scientific Study finds
Myocarditis occurs in 1 in every 1000 people injected with a Covid-19

this bloke is a lunatic or monster or both

trial site dr erin interview dr Kory re ivermectin lies

Home ivermectin based kits in India

demonstrating ineffectiveness of vaccines
Covid Cases VS Fully Vaccination Rate Comparison - India, The US, Israel

expose article about problematic findings in vaccine victims

another german pathologist worried about the vaccines.

three real studies here it seems.

one of the papers mentioned above. comments section has much to say about it.

another of the papers mention in the expose thing. hard to make sense of it.

last paper mentioned in expose thing. can clearly see they conclude viral load the same
vaccinated as unvaccinated.

michael fumento with fascinating info on remdesivir and the ugliness of it all

the aussie truth

Canadian Nurse Whistleblowers Say Many People Are Dying From the Covid Vaccines,
Hospitals Are Filled With the Fully Vaccinated
By captaindaretofly on September 27, 2021

Two top Pathologists reveal astonishing results of investigation into
ten deaths linked to the Covid-19 Vaccines – “We’ve never seen anything
like it…”
By Daily Expose on September 26, 2021

UK Medicine Regulator confirms there have been four times as many
deaths due to the Covid-19 Vaccines in 8 months than deaths due to all
other Vaccines combined in 20 years
By Daily Expose on September 25, 2021

Doctor speaks out after being left “horribly ill” and “incapacitated” due to the Pfizer
Covid-19 Vaccine
By Daily Expose on September 27, 2021

New scientific study concludes there is no logical reason to vaccinate
children against Covid-19 due to the potential risks posed by the jab
By Daily Expose on September 27, 2021

antibody action could make the virus worse

Dr Vernon Coleman – “If you have a child then the next few minutes are probably the most
important of your life”
By Daily Expose on September 27, 2021

President of Croatia Exposes Media for Spreading Panic About Covid-19, says NO MORE Vaccination
Allowed in His Country
By captaindaretofly on September 27, 2021

Johnson & Johnson: Children Don’t Need the ‘F*cking’ COVID Vaccine
Because There Are ‘Unknown Repercussions Down the Road’ …

the expose giving a good rundown on the history of the 'interventions' amd calling on people to do something

info on what ADE is and a statement that it is not a problem with covid vaccines.
but dr malone saying the contrary
in july. saying we need more testing.

dr coleman saying not aspirating on injection can only be part of deliberate genocide.

this lady spells out some telling statistics

interesting thread on substack

alex berenson with an aussie telling it like it is

Kim Iversen: Norway DROPS All Restrictions And Chooses To LIVE With Covid Sep 29, 2021

The Vaccine Death Report Published on September 29, 2021
Written by Dr David John Sorenson & Dr Vladimir Zelenko MD
referred to in the above

The Great Hysteria and The Broken State blog of man that wrote that. should read it.

apparently 10 year old study showing VAERS underreporting by 99%

project veritas on vaers under reporting

coppers brutally pummelling grounded man - while wearing pretty blue masks.

the vaccination race that stopped a nation. Spectator article with some numbers of interest.

australia. 60,000 immigrants in. 38,000 aussies not allowed home

Ten surreal days in September
Scott Morrison is completely out of touch with his own country
Ramesh Thakur

excellent exhaustive look at the covid vaccine thing. covers a lot of ground.
many references.
Seven Covid Lies – How a newfound scepticism saved me from today’s Covid-19 cult
By Daily Expose on October 2, 2021

EcoHealth Alliance and the Extended Viral Phenotype

eugyppius showing how the vaccines can enhance the work of the virus

some anonymous nhs manager spelling the awful truths out very clearly here

good quadrant piece on the madness

forbes billionaire list who got there on the back of covid hysteria

from the expose.

the ol' Tom Woods showing us the truth about USA a masks, etc, once more:

sort of terrible statistics about the UK Scotland report referenced in above UK report
another link from the above showing how uk authorities decided to put children in peril despite
report against it another from above which actually shows they've been killing people in hospitals with midazolam

85% of Covid-19 deaths in New South Wales, Australia are among the Fully Vaccinated
By Daily Expose on October 5, 2021

85% of Covid-19 deaths in New South Wales, Australia are among the Fully Vaccinated

the expose on how they silenced the funeral director....
now silencing simply isn't right. right? they've got to be wrong simply because they do that.

 tony heller on recent heatwave in usa I think

excellent little polemic about the truth

eugyppius - more scientific detail of latest happenings

risk benefit ration vaccines : no vaccine 5:1 > 65 yrs.

the cat on hospital truth.